What is new?

A number of papers that were previously only unpublished drafts have been published.

The bibiographical data have been added.

Under 2004 the unpublished paper The possibility of legal logic was added.

New book

In the summer of 2018, Eleven International Publishing will publish my new book entitled Foundations and Building Blocks of Law.

This books presents and elaborates my work of the last decade on

- the nature, and the different kinds, of rules

- the nature and objectivity of different kinds of facts

- the meanings of facts (as opposed to words or sentences)

- normativity

- the ‘deontic furniture of the world’ (what many indiscriminately call ‘norms’)

- validity (both of sources and of rules)

- powers and competences (not the same)

- juridical acts (legal transactions)

- rights and the Hohfeldian concepts

- legal status