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Law and Economics
An introductory text on law and economics. It explains amongst others social dilemmas and the Coase Theorem.

Scientific and Legal Method
An introductory text on method in law and (other) sciences. It draws a comparison between the methods of physical sciences, mathematics, social sciences, normative sciences and law, and briefly investigates the possibility of a legal science that informs us what to do rather than describes the existing positive law.

Leerboek Logica voor Juristen
An introduction (in Dutch) to propositional and class logic. It also contains a discussion of the uses of logic in drafting and analysing arguments.

Reader over Rechtvaardigheid
A brief introduction to ethics, in particular utilitarianism, libertarism, communitarianism, and the views of Kant, Rawls and Aristotle.

Brains, Minds, Responsibility and Liability
An introduction to the issues raised by determinism and modern findings of psychology and neurosciences for the existing practice of holding people responsible for their doings.

Elementary Logic for Lawyers
An elementary introduction to the nature of logic, propositional logic, and class logic.